Every year, General Secretaries promise to outdo their predecessors in a number of aspects. While a lot of these claims are subjective, we...

Students Notice 'Student Notices'

20:09 Eeshan Malhotra 6 Comments

Every year, General Secretaries promise to outdo their predecessors in a number of aspects. While a lot of these claims are subjective, we found one place where GSes have objectively been besting the previous years’ marks pretty much every year - The number of emails sent on Student Notices. We managed to get a hold of every single email sent on Student Notices, and analysed them. Here's how the numbers stack up.

[Click the image for a larger version]

In the last academic year alone, the GSes sent the students a cumulative total of 1,085 emails! As you can notice (no pun intended), in recent years, the GS Sports has been topping the list. Now you know whom to blame when you run out of space in your inbox ;)

But say what you will, Student Notices is how we all stay informed about campus happenings throughout the year. We traced a typical student's events calendar using Student Notices. Cult, Sports and Tech broadly capture the events happening on campus. Here’s what last year looked like.
[Click the image for a larger version]

You can see the sharp dips during exam season, and the huge post-exam frustration-busting peaks right after. The spring semester, surprisingly has many more events than the autumn semester. In fact, March (typically near the end of a council’s tenure) sees more events than any other month, across all three domains.

Perhaps more interesting that when the emails are sent, is what the emails talk about. We picked out the most frequent words used by each GS, tenure by tenure.

After looking at a few of the clouds, you probably realized that student tops the list for most GSes. GS Cult and GS Sports typically send out more event-orientated emails, with high usage of words like time, venue, event. Turns out that GSHAs have been the most polite among all the GSes owing to the high frequency of please in their mails! You can play around with the app and discover your own fun(ny) trends. Let us know if we missed anything interesting.

The SN mailing list is a treasure trove for data-analysis, and we’ll keep bring you more insights over the next few weeks.

Peace yo!
The Insight Data Analysis Team


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